About The Producer/Director

Myra Dziama is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has more than 20 years of experience in film and television production. Her broadcast credits include OMNI Television, Stornoway Communications, ichannel and The Pet Network, TVOntario, Groupe Média TFO, Life Network, HGTV, CTS Crossroads Television Systems, Radio-Télévision Suisse-Romande and NHK Japan.

The founder of Toronto-based Advanced Video Solutions and Ania’s Journey Inc., Ms. Dziama has focused on non-fiction and documentary programming, and numerous television series. She brings to each project her creative and technical expertise, as well fluency in spoken and written English, Polish and French. 

Ten Hungry Men  focuses on 10 Polish-Canadian men who staged a hunger strike in front of the Polish Consulate in Toronto in 1983. They were demanding that the former Polish Communist government allow their families emigrate to Canada. This is a story about ten strangers who spontaneously banded together to challenge an entire government. The one-hour documentary explores human willpower and the true meaning of freedom.

Myra Dziama 2011 Demo Reel